Introducing the Cargo Strap Manager (CSM)

The CSM is a robust device that easily attaches to any cargo strap within seconds. The device continuously monitors the strap tension ensuring your cargo is secured at all times.

Reduced Risk

Deliver your client's cargo safely and efficiently to its destination.

The CSM will significantly reduce the risk of theft or loss which ultimately leads to a reduction in insurance premiums. Damage caused by excessive or under loading will be avoided, naturally minimizing the time-consuming task of re-securing and reloading your cargo.

Continuous Strap Monitoring

The CSM continuously monitors strap tension which ensures your cargo is always secure.

The device will warn the driver immediately via the in-cabin display if the tension in the strap increases or decreases to a dangerous level. The driver can stop the truck at the nearest safe location and address the problem. Warning the driver will reduce the risk of load shifting accidents dramatically.

GPS Tracking

Always know when and where your cargo is loaded and offloaded.

Receive detailed live updates via our online platform (Time stamps, GPS coordinates) during the offloading process. We will even alert you when your load is offloaded at the wrong location. Provide peace of mind to your clients that their cargo is constantly tracked on its journey and safely transported to its destination.

Robust and Easy to Use

The CSM is designed specifically for the harsh trucking environment.

The CSM is very compact, robust and fully automatic with a battery life of ±1 year. There are no buttons or on and off switches. Following standard procedure, cargo straps are secured over the load as you have always done and the CSM does the rest. The in-cabin display has a simple touchscreen user interface which is easy to learn and understand.

We have a Patent

We are serious about our product.

The CSM is patented in Australia, USA, South Africa and EPO granted pending national validations. We know we can make a difference to your business because we have a one of a kind product.

Why your company needs the CSM?

Around 25% of heavy-duty transport accidents are due to faulty load securing. However it is assumed that 50% to as many as 70% of inspected cargo loads are not properly secured.
This is where the Cargo Strap Manager (CSM) comes in…
The CSM is a strap monitoring system that ensures truck straps are always correctly tensioned throughout the journey. If strap tension is lost, the CSM will inform the driver via the in-cabin display to stop his/her truck at the nearest safe location to re-tension the cargo strap.

CSM (Image 1 & 2) and In-Cabin Touchscreen Display (Image 3)

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